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Gynecologist (f) to Bahrain - Stellenangebot

Anzeige Nr. 58776 vom 08.01.2019  Branche: Gesundheit und Pflege: Medizin
Always dreamed of living in the Middle East in a country with a very well organized and modern health care system? This could be your chance. Bahrain is a very tolerant and modern country in the Middle East. In the hospitals is a warm and social work environment
On behalf of one of our clients, a private high class hospital in Bahrain,  we are seeking a fulltime gynecologist (f)
Your profile
• allround gynecologist with excellent communicational skills
• at least 5-7 years of experience
Job profile
• Surgical/Clinical Responsibilities
· Fulfill the role of consultant in his/ her speciality in line with accepted healthcare norms and protocols.
· Ensure the highest standards of patient wellbeing and safety.
· Provide on call and routine service cover on an equal rota with other consultants in the speciality.
· Perform theatre, OPD and ward round commitments as appropriate.
· Attend to patients with genetic problems and the effect on pregnancy outcome.
· Interview patients and assesses their medical genetic history and reproductive history.
· Provide any counseling required, to the couples.
· Request necessary tests for the patient to determine their fertility levels and effectively explain complex procedures / options to them.
· Maintain the viability of gametes, tissues and embryos during processing.
· Prepare sperm from Testicular Biopsies and Epididymis Aspiration/TESA for the ICSI procedures.
· Conduct micromanipulation and testing of suitability of each gamete.
· Perform Embryo culture / transfer and cryopreservation; monitor embryo development, embryo selection for transfer to recipient women (guided by the clinician), and the implantation of embryos into reproductive organs.
· Conduct complex procedures like Assisted Hatching and Blastocyst Culture.
· Maintain records of all attempts, with both successes and failures documented.
· Perform such other related duties as may be required from time to time.
• Education Responsibilities
· Lead the development and delivery of programmes of instruction examination for Clinical Staff as required.
· Pro-actively participate in the teaching programmes of the clinical department.
· Undertake and encourage appropriate research.
· Implement policies and decisions as determined by the Chief of Medicine and Board of Directors.
· Undertake overseas assignments from time to time, as appropriate.
· Undergo programmes of training and development as may be required from time to time.
• Administration Responsibilities
· Provide strategic leadership and manage the team in the achievement of the Departments goals and objectives.
· Implement performance management and staff development policies and procedures.
· Oversee compliance and manage the achievement of Quality Assurance and Safety standards.
· Participate in the Clinical Audit process and procedures.
· Ensure effective communication within the team and convene regular departmental meetings.
· Ensure the Specialty’s resources are deployed in an appropriate manner.
· Ensure the achievement of clinical budget.
· Provide leadership to the clinical team.
· Manage the performance and develop clinical teams.
· Perform other duties as appropriate.
• Research & Development responsibilities
· Develop and support clinical research programmes.
· Provide advice and contribute to planning processes relating to future models of service delivery.
Working conditions
• A pleasant and professional working climate.
• The income: between €10.000-€15.000 Gross/Nett per month with fulltime employment.
• Paid accommodation and insurances
• Contract for 2 years with a probation time between 3 and 6 months
• Extra benefits
Our services
• A position suitable to your needs and profile
• A good and honest contract
• Objective information on living and working life in Bahrain.

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  • Einsatzort: Bahrain


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